About Spencer & Associates Inc.

A food and nonfood brokerage since 1965, Spencer & Associates, Inc. is an Oregon company providing a full spectrum of sales and marketing services to our principals. We provide national as well as local merchandising support for key customers along with providing support to resolve all difficulties.

Our Principles
Our core competencies center on the pioneering of new as well as existing items for the retail trade. Our experience and channels to market lend itself well to the over-all pioneering effort. Serving multiple channels to market provides the necessary resources for our clients.

SAI is about helping our principals achieve their sales goals. Guided by four decades of marketing and sales experience, we can facilitate a specific plan to attain shelf or warehouse authorization, thereby helping our clients avoid the pitfalls of new item committee approval and shortening the time to market.


Market Solutions:

Market Solutions provides a sales and marketing service solution for companies in the consumer packaged goods industry by combining complete North American coverage with local-market expertise and comprehensive services.


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